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G-FAST 広州豊中铝合金有限公司

We investigate production efficiency, to correspond of all kinds of regulation and furthermore, we emphasize that to see the matter of quality control.

Until 20 tons of Aluminum can melt , hold and refine . Then, during the process,  prepare ingredient.

G-FASTDust Collector
We accommodate all kinds of regulation for equipment of environment. And also in the factory, contribute improvement of environment.

G-FASTMelt Aluminum Shavings
It corresponds to petty order or special alloy aluminum.

G-FASTInspection Device
We analysis metal which diverse by using the optical emission.
Also, detect the element particles and execute quality control highly.

G-FASTInclusion Analyzer
Measure the dross which exist in the aluminum and evaluate the purification level.

Category Name Quantity
Melting Melting furnace(20ton) 2
Holding furnace(20ton) 1
Melting pot(1ton) 2
Pre-processing Tip dryer 1
Pos-tprocessing Device that squeezes dross 1
Inspect Optical emission spectrometer 1
Electronic gravimeter 1
Device judges the dross 1
Environmental measures Dust collector 3
Other Forklift truck 4
Device that keeps ladle warm 3
气体精炼机 (GBF) 2



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